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Starr Hill Music Hall, Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When a show is Sold Out, is it really sold out? Can I get tickets at the door? Do you release tickets when people don't show up?
A. No. When a show is Sold Out, it is really Sold Out. We do not release tickets at the door. Please do not call us and say, "But it's my birthday, this is my favorite band! I HAVE to see them!" Sorry, when a show is Sold Out, THERE ARE NO MORE TICKETS AVAILABLE. Sign up for our email list here and you will get plenty of advance notice on bands that are playing. Get tickets in advance, many of our shows sell out!

Q. Can I reserve tickets?
A. You can purchase tickets in advance but we do not "hold" tickets.

Q. Can I pay with a credit card?
A. The Starr Hill box office is cash only. Credit cards and checks are not accepted (the bar is cash only, too). You can purchase tickets with a credit card online here or by phone at 1-800-594-TIXX.

Q. Is the show all ages?
A. All of our shows are all ages, unless otherwise noted (which has only happened two or three times). However, a $2 surcharge will be collected at the door from patrons under 21.

Q. "I don't have a picture ID, but since I'm calling in advance and I can bring my birth certificate, can I drink anyway?"
A. No.

Q. "But, really, I'm over 21."
A. No. Sorry, we strictly enforce the laws and will not serve anyone without an ID.

Q. What time does the show start?
A. One hour after doors open.

Q. Do you have seats?
A. Most shows are standing room. But some shows do offer limited seats and/or tables and chairs. Check out the types of shows here.

Q. Are you a restaurant and a Music Hall? Does that mean we sit and eat dinner and the band plays right in front of us?
A. We have a great restaurant and brewery on the ground floor. The second floor is the Music Hall. For some shows, you can order munchie-type food in the Music Hall, but dinner is served downstairs in the restaurant. Check out the menu here.

Q. Where can I park?
A. On the street or in the lot across the street.

Q. I bought tickets online but now I can't come to the show, can I get a refund?
A. No, sorry, no refunds.

Q. Okay, but can I put them in my friend's name?
A. Yes, but it has to be done in advance. Call 1-800-594-TIXX or email tix@musictoday.com.

Q. What does "Will Call" mean?
A. Tickets purchased via the phone or online will be waiting for you at Will Call when the doors open. The person who purchased the tickets (the name the tickets are under) must be the person who claims the tickets at Will Call. We cannot release the tickets without a picture ID.

Q. Hey, why don't you guys get (insert band name here) to play?
A. Our booking agents are always on the lookout for bands that are on tour. Many factors, including geography, determine what artists we can book.

Q. My band is great and we're coming to the area, can we get a gig at Starr Hill?
A. Send an e-mail to music@starrhill.com. But please keep in mind that if you are new to the Charlottesville area, and don't have a local following, it will be difficult to book your band. Seriously, you guys are probably great, but if no one in the area has heard of you yet, we really can't book you here. Most of the national acts bring their own opening acts.
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