Format: Vinyl
Label: Kana Music
Rel. Date: 12/02/2022
UPC: 3309450047601

One Piece Movies Best Selection / O.S.T (Blue)
Artist: One Piece Movies Best Selection / O.S.T (Blue)
Format: Vinyl
New: Available $54.78

Formats and Editions


1. Kouhei Tanaka- the Thief Brothers Appear 0:56
2. Kouhei Tanaka- Sanji's in a Big Pinch! 1:04
3. Kouhei Tanaka- Terror of the King Cannon 0:39
4. Kouhei Tanaka- Boroodo's Confession 1:52
5. Kouhei Tanaka- Bear King's Rage 0:45
6. Kouhei Tanaka- Spirited Swordsman Zoro 1:27
7. Kouhei Tanaka- Bet Your Life on It! 0:40
8. Kouhei Tanaka- Mother, Then Setting Off 1:58
9. Kouhei Tanaka- Butler and His Henchman Appear! 0:42
10. Kouhei Tanaka- An Enemy Is Coming! 1:35
11. Kouhei Tanaka- Sanji Vs Snake 0:29
12. Shiro Hamaguchi- Big Fight! 1:29
13. Shiro Hamaguchi- Fierce Battle! Zoro ; Sanji 1:08
14. Shiro Hamaguchi- Shuraiya Vs Needles 0:39
15. Shiro Hamaguchi- Going Merry, Fly! 1:18
16. Kouhei Tanaka- Gasparde's Power 1:18
17. Kouhei Tanaka- Shuraiya's Past 0:26
18. Kouhei Tanaka- As Long As You're Alive 1:05
19. Shiro Hamaguchi- Luffy Appears! 1:18
20. Shiro Hamaguchi- the Marine Swordsman's Battle Cry 1:50
21. Shiro Hamaguchi- Action Starts 0:59
22. Shiro Hamaguchi- Three Towers 1:26
23. Shiro Hamaguchi- Luffy's Fierce Attack 1:07
24. Kouhei Tanaka- Resort Island 2:00
25. Kouhei Tanaka- Sinking... 0:57
26. Kouhei Tanaka- Be Careful 1:12
27. Kouhei Tanaka- Thoughts Don't Reach Far Enough
28. Yasunori Iwasaki- Karakuri Defense System, Activate! 1:05
29. Yasunori Iwasaki- Karakuri Defense System, Deploy! 1:30
30. Kouhei Tanaka- Something Terrible Awakens! 0:54
31. Kouhei Tanaka- It Awakens! 0:56
32. Kouhei Tanaka- a Mother's Love 2:03
33. Kouhei Tanaka- the Golden Crown Exists! 0:26
34. Yasunori Iwasaki- Ratchet's Ambition 0:41
35. Yasunori Iwasaki- Karakuri Castle, Transform! 2:02
36. Kouhei Tanaka- Straw Hat Pirates, Begin Counterattack! 1:25
37. Yasunori Iwasaki- Giant Stronghold, Takeoff!! 2:50
38. Kouhei Tanaka- Karakuri on Guard! 0:37
39. Yasunori Iwasaki- Luffy Versus Ratchet Round 1 1:14
40. Yasunori Iwasaki- Zoro Versus General Maji 0:48
41. Yasunori Iwasaki- Sanji Versus Captain Honki 0:44
42. Yasunori Iwasaki- Luffy Versus Ratchet Round 2 0:59
43. Kouhei Tanaka- I Will Surpass You!!! 2:59
44. Kouhei Tanaka- Conviction of the Blackbeard Pirates 1:45
45. Kouhei Tanaka- Shut Up!!! Let's Go!!!! 0:40
46. Kouhei Tanaka- Daft Green -Cause of Tragedy- 2:04
47. Shiro Hamaguchi- Gathering -Last Desperate Hope- 0:54
48. Kouhei Tanaka- the Operation Begins -The Village Is Destroyed- 3:19
49. Shiro Hamaguchi- Terror of the Giant Animals -Things Were Already Bad!- 1:31
50. Shiro Hamaguchi- Sanji's Leg of Wind -This Is a Taste of East Blue Love- 1:45
51. Shiro Hamaguchi- the Final Battle -Gigant Thor Axe- 1:42
52. Shiro Hamaguchi- Song of Triumph -The Islands Fall to the Sea, the People Fly to the Sky- 3:33

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