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No synopsis available.
Meet The Residents
Artist: The Residents
Format: Vinyl
New: Available $61.78

Formats and Editions


1. Boots
2. Numb Erone
3. Guylum Bardot
4. Breath and Length
5. Consuelo's Departure
6. Smelly Tongues
7. Rest Aria
8. Skratz
9. Spotted Pinto Bean
10. Infant Tango
11. Seasoned Greetings
12. N-Er-Gee
13. Boots
14. Numb Erone
15. Guylum Bardot
16. Breath and Length
17. Consuelo's Departure
18. Smelly Tongues
19. Rest Aria
20. Skratz
21. Spotted Pinto Bean
22. Infant Tango
23. Seasoned Greetings
24. N-Er-Gee
25. Meet the Residents Alternate Concentrate
26. Sokurha
27. Quick Brain Tuesday
28. 7733 Variations
29. More Forgotten Tuesdays*
30. Overlay at Regular Speed
31. Numb Erone/Inka
32. Horny Song*
33. Tuesday 4J*
34. Even More Forgotten Tuesdays*
35. Tuesday #3
36. Inka Again
37. George's Horn*

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No synopsis available.
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