Original Xtreem Music Release, all the Demos and 7" of the mid/end 80ies on two records. Must have!
Original Xtreem Music Release, all the Demos and 7" of the mid/end 80ies on two records. Must have!


Format: CD
Label: MDD
Rel. Date: 08/05/2022
UPC: 715255696716

Anthology Of Primitive Horror
Artist: Anthology
Format: CD
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Formats and Editions


1. Intro - Abomination [Nightmare Continues - Demo '86]
2. Communion of Death [Nightmare Continues - Demo '86]
3. Young Burial [Nightmare Continues - Demo '86]
4. Black Apparition [Nightmare Continues - Demo '86]
5. Witchcraft [Power Through Darkness - Demo '86]
6. Power Through Darkness [Power Through Darkness - Demo '86]
7. Young Burial [Power Through Darkness - Demo '86]
8. Chainsaw Lust [Power Through Darkness - Demo '86]
9. Autopsy on the Living Dead [Power Through Darkness - Demo '86]
10. Chainsaw Lust [Unreleased 7''EP '86]
11. Intense Mutilation [Unreleased 7''EP '86]
12. Return to Life [Unreleased 7''EP '86]
13. Autopsy on the Living Dead [Unreleased 7''EP '86]
14. Witchcraft [Ready for Death - Rough Mix Session 1-86]
15. Rise from the Crypt [Rise from the Crypt - Demo '84]
16. Kill [Rise from the Crypt - Demo '84]
17. Chainsaw Lust [Rise from the Crypt - Demo '84]
18. Demonic Possession [Rise from the Crypt - Demo '84]
19. Autopsy on the Living Dead [Death is Fun - Demo '84]
20. Death is Fun [Death is Fun - Demo '84]
21. Communion of Death [Death is Fun - Demo '84]
22. Insane for Blood [Death is Fun - Demo '84]
23. Nuns Have No Fun (Mercyful Fate cover) [The Hallow's Evil Rehearsal 31.10.85]
24. Demonic Possession [The Hallow's Evil Rehearsal 31.10.85]
25. Communion of Death [The Hallow's Evil Rehearsal 31.10.85]
26. Chainsaw Lust [The Hallow's Evil Rehearsal 31.10.85]
27. Insane for Blood [The Hallow's Evil Rehearsal 31.10.85]
28. Necrophagia [The Hallow's Evil Rehearsal 31.10.85]
29. Death is Fun [The Hallow's Evil Rehearsal 31.10.85]
30. Autopsy on the Living Dead [The Hallow's Evil Rehearsal 31.10.85]
31. Vomit [The Hallow's Evil Rehearsal

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Original Xtreem Music Release, all the Demos and 7" of the mid/end 80ies on two records. Must have!
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